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Bike Fitting Services

Our bike fitting services are categorised into three levels, so that everyone is catered for- from first time triathlete through to national level road racer...

Our fitting servies are categorised into BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD levels - along with this we also offer Saddle Fitting Service, to help you find your perfect perch!!

Bronze - Bike Sizing Service:

Found the perfect bike on-line but not sure what size you need?? We're still happy to help. Using the Shimano Dynamics Lab measuring jig, we can replicate bikes from all brands and use this data to guide you in selecting a model and size of bike most suitable to your style of riding as well as your anatomical proportions. Afterall a bargain isn't a bargain if it doesn't fit!!

With a bronze level sizing we will advise the best frame size from a specific manufacturer of your choice - we will not provide saddle or handlebar position, that's a full bike fit!!

This service is FREE when buying any bike from Performance Cycles, or £40 for a prospective bike from a brand we don't stock. To book your fitting appointment call us on 01285 851946 or email

Silver - Static Bike Fitting:

Our middle level service is what most would class as a static or 'traditional' fit. Using your own bike on a turbo trainer, we utilise the experitse and experience of our fitters to ensure your bike fits you to the millimetre. Sometimes the smallest changes in saddle angle or shifter position can be the difference between a bike that is the right size, and a bike that fits.

Our silver level fit covers adjustments in everything from the ground up, including the rider. We start by looking at your shoes and cleats, working our way through saddle position, bar type and position, and finish up by working on the riders posture on the bike- this can have an even greater effect than moving the components themselves.

Our Silver Level fit is just £95 or FREE with any bike purchased from Performance Cycles over £1000.

A second bike of the same type is free, and a second position or different type of bike (e.g. road bike +TT bike) is £75 extra

To book your fitting appointment call us on 01285 851946 or email

Gold Fitting:

Our most comprehansive level of fit, starts with the Shimano Dynamics Lab static anatomical measurements as the basis. We also take into consideration a full assessment of the riders strength, flexibility and range of motion before developing the position further. The fit is performed on a state of the art position simulator, which includes an integrated 3D pedaling analyser which tracks performance and efficiency. Furthermore, it allows us to identify any asymmetry throughout the pedal stroke. Based on the analysis, the rider can be supplied with a training program to improve the asymmetry.

Throughout the fitting we use the Retul motion capture system for accurate, dynamic data collected as you ride. Our fitters are trained to interpret all of this data and explain how it is relevant to your surrent riding style and position. We will guide you through the adjustments, using the information availabel to inform and double check any changes we make. This allows a position to be found which accounts for any descrepancies between the riders left and right sides, optimised for the riders goals and riding habits.

The gold level fit covers adjustments of all aspects of the bike and rider, from cleat positioning, saddle selection and movements, bars, shifters and finally rider posture and positioning on the bike. After the appointment you will recieve a full report showing initial observations as well as the final position. This includes a full set of measurements detailing your position, should you ever need to replicate it on the same or another bike.

£195 or FREE when buying any bike over £2000 from Performance Cycles!

A second bike of the same type is free, and a second position or different type of bike (e.g. road bike +TT bike) is £75 extra

To book your fitting appointment call us on 01285 851946 or email

Saddle Fitting Service:

Try out our full range of saddles from many of the leading saddle brands, with no obligation to buy! The only reliable way of finding a saddle you are sure to be happy with for many miles is to sit on a wide range and try them for yourself.

We set up your current riding position on our jig, which allows us to easily swap out saddles until we find one which has the potential to work well for you. Once we have found a saddle you would like to try, you are welcome to take away one of our rental saddles for up to two weeks, before deciding whether to buy that one, or test ride your second favourite from the saddle fitting.

A saddle fit costs just £30 for up to a one hour appointment - test saddle rental costs £10 for a two week period (+ a £100 refundable deposit).

To book your fitting appointment call us on 01285 851946 or email

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